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About Dayna Fields

On this site, Fields shares her first-hand view of the world's largest companies as they swim (or sink) in a new and rapidly changing era of consumerism.

And how a female finance journalist finds her way through male-dominated Wall Street.

Over the past decade, this award-winning columnist and journalist has worked her way up from copy editor with GateHouse Media to newspaper reporter for the Chicago Tribune to editor of Chef magazine.

Despite her height, Fields is now a Senior M&A Reporter for a global financial news wire based in London, Hong Kong and New York.

She moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2017 to cover food & beverage on the West Coast.

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Dayna Fields covers mergers & acquisitions for institutional investors in food, beverage, beauty, leisure, apparel and travel.

Follow her discoveries as "Generation Spoiled" drop-kicks conventional consumerism in its head.

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